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The 2012 Spot

February 24, 2012 - Rachelle Ray

How do you condense the essence of a whole university into thirty seconds? Not just the academics, programs, degrees, etc., but the college “experience” as well? And how on earth do you make one university stand out from the hundreds of others across the country?

The task is daunting. And yet, here we are, with ideas about how to capture the vibrant culture and multitude of opportunities that the University of New Mexico has to offer. Filtering what the university has to offer through the eyes of four students as unique as the university they are presenting starts to narrow the field of ideas. We’ve thought about why we’re here, what led us to choose UNM over other schools in and out of the state. We’ve thought about what it is we love most about UNM now. And we’ve thought a lot about what the best way is to get future students to see UNM the way we do: as a place to grow as an individual, to find friends and like-minded individuals that will provide support as you move through the next four years of your life.

Starting this project and narrowing our ideas down to two best options has been difficult. Selling our ideas to an audience full of important stakeholders was only slightly terrifying. Of course, now that it’s done, it really wasn't’t that bad.

The Process

We started by watching several institutional spots from universities around the country. We discussed strengths and weaknesses, talked about what we would and wouldn't’t like to see in our own spot, and went from there. (There are some really amazing and creative spots out there! And, there are some really not so amazing spots out there.)

With some direction as to what to do and what not to do, we started with research. Who attends UNM now? Where did they come from? UNM serves over 36,500 students across all of its campuses. Of those students, nearly two-thirds are native New Mexicans. Knowing that, we asked ourselves, and several students, faculty and departments on campus, what UNM had to offer these students. What made it stand out so much to them that they chose it over other colleges?  It could be the fantastic law, medical and pharmacy schools, the architecture program, the research facilities, the fact that UNM is a top “sustainable school” in the country. Or maybe it’s something quirkier, like the fact that UNM is the only university in the U.S. to offer a dance degree with an emphasis in flamenco, or our mechanical engineering program’s annual design and construction of an FSAE race car.

The Ideas

With the research done, each of us (the interns) came up with a few ideas to condense the ‘essence’ of UNM into thirty seconds. Combined, we had several ideas, but finally settled on two: “Find Your Calling” and “Join the Pack.”

“Find Your Calling” focuses on the possibilities for the individual. We want to connect with the target audience on a personal level, and highlight as many unique opportunities a student can enjoy at UNM as possible. The idea here is that UNM can help students on their journey to finding their “calling,” whatever it may be.

“Join the Pack” centers around the idea of the lobo pack. UNM as a whole is the main pack, but students have access to hundreds of clubs, organizations, and niches that form smaller ”packs.” With this idea, we want to show the community support a student can have as they pursue individual goals.

After presenting both of these ideas, we are all eager to hear the University Communications and Marketing’s decision so we can start storyboarding, scripting, and finally, filming!

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