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Finalizing the Concept

March 2, 2012 - Rachelle Ray

After discussing and thinking over both of our concepts, Tess and Cinnamon at UCAM gave us the ruling. The much awaited result? They liked both of the ideas. Our new approach is to combine the theme of community with the many opportunities for an individual at UNM.

We’ve been working on combining the ideas and figuring out how to show individual achievements, community support, and the unique to UNM aspects in just thirty seconds. We’ve made lists of buildings/locations, social and group activities, and academic interests. After debating the merits of each item we came up with, we’ve narrowed our focus to a select few. Now that we know what we want to shoot, it’s time to figure out the all important how and when, and start working out details like music and casting.

So far we’ve been met with enthusiasm and an eagerness to show off the best of UNM. Which has made us all even more eager to start filming!

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