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A Smooth Rough Cut

April 6, 2012 - Rachelle Ray

Have you ever looked at a 2000 piece puzzle while it’s all jumbled up and thought “who has the patience to put this together?” I most certainly have. But imagine all of those little puzzle pieces are 5 second video clips, and there isn’t a picture on the box for you to use as a guide. Kind of gives you a new appreciation for the vision and technical abilities of those in the film and digital media fields, doesn’t it?

Seeing the “pre-rough cut” version of our 30 second institutional spot put a new light on what it means to have an artistic vision. Sorting through all of the clips, most of which are just slightly variable from one another, to find the best one and then putting them all together into something that tells a coherent story is an impressive bit of organization and planning. Of course, we had a storyboard that served as a guide, but it was certainly flexible and allowed for freedom during editing.

So far, the rough cut looks great, and we’re right on schedule as we work our way into the last few weeks of the semester. Sound will be the next adventure, and one we’re all thrilled to start on. It’s the final piece of the puzzle before we get to show off our hard work at the end of April.

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