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2013 Creative Concept

January 30, 2013 - Elyse Cushman

            This was a very exciting month for us. Right away we started bouncing ideas off of each other. For the most part we were all on the same page and one thing was first and foremost made clear; we did not want to make the stereotypical, cheesy commercial. We did not want to show people standing around in big groups studying, we did not want to show people with the standard chemistry beaker filled with green liquid, and we did not want anything cheesy. In fact, we all seemed to want something very dramatic from the get-go. We also seemed to really want to focus on our mascot, because it is not a common one.

            We thought that the best thing for us to do to in order to narrow down exactly what we wanted to say was to conduct a focus group. We developed questions on how people reacted to certain things dealing with the media, dealing with UNM, and what people did and did not want to see. We got a lot of information out of the focus group. We found that one of the most important things to the students at UNM was the fact that we have one of the most diverse campuses in the United States. They were also sick of the stereotypical things that you see in a University commercial.

            From that information, we developed three main ideas to pitch. Each one was very different and out of the ordinary. We had a definite favorite, but we were just as confident in the other two ideas. Yet, we were nervous about one detail that would make or break our favorite choice. The commercial that we really wanted to do would require us to film a live wolf. 


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