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2013 Interns Selected

January 7, 2013 - Ethan Rule

I am proud to announce that I have selected six outstanding students for the 2013 institutional spot internship. I must say this was not an easy decision because I had the pleasure of meeting with so many qualified applicants, however I am confident in the dynamic of the team that I selected.

As we move forward from last years spot it has become apparent that some changes needed to be made in the production strategy. The major change I am referring to is the addition of two intern positions, editor and composer. One recommendation from the students last year was that the videographer had too many responsibilities and he or she could focus more on certain duties if there was a separate editor involved. The other suggestion is that this year’s team needs to consider the spot music from the very beginning. The team now includes a composer who will be a part of the creative process.

I am excited to meet with the team next week as they begin the creative process. 

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