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The Pitch

February 20, 2013 - Elyse Cushman

It is very intimidating to tell a large group of professionals that we want to get us a wolf, and further that we want them to pay for it. Honestly, some of us were settling on the other ideas because it almost seemed ridiculous for us to be even asking.

            The day of the pitch came and we all had nerves. Our Producer had made a slideshow, our Creative Director had rehearsed a pitch, and the rest of us were ready to answer any questions that they could throw at us. We were all pleasantly surprised at how well the pitch went. Our Creative Director did an amazing job (despite being extremely nervous) and not a single question that we had received went unanswered.

            The most amazing part was that they loved our favorite choice. This was almost bittersweet victory because finding a wolf actually became a reality. This was the point when we all became very busy. We needed to start thinking of film dates, shot lists, casting, costume, and everything else.

            Then we learned that President Frank wanted to hear our pitch as well. This made everything even that much more stressful. He seemed to like our pitch as well. He really loved the idea of the lobo.

            Now there was a ton of pressure on all of us to make this lobo happen. It took awhile, but we finally found one at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. We sent them our shot list and storyboards and hoped for the best. They had communicated that their wolves would be able to do everything that we had included in our plan and that most of their wolves did have video experience.

            They had given us their price and we then learned that the UNM Foundation generously offered to pay for it. Really, everything was working out extremely well. In the mean time, we had to get everything else done. We had figured out when and what we were going to shoot, but it was just getting all of the details in order. 

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