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Almost There

April 25, 2013 - Elyse Cushman

            We were for the most part done with filming by this point, but our editor needed more time before our first deadline. Basically due to all of our scheduling snags, everything had to be pushed back a week.

            However, our Editor really pulled through and had edits for us to view very often. So throughout the editing process we were able to pick out specific problems and specific strengths until we were all happy with what we had.

            Music also came together. Our music editor came up with a great score that worked really well with the beats of the commercial.

            We were all starting to get very excited about how things were turning out. However, we knew that the focus groups were soon to follow. It's always really nerve racking to present your creative work to a group of people that you know will need to tear it apart. Two focus groups had been scheduled, one with students and one with faculty and staff. Having the two gave us a great opportunity to improve the commercial from two very different perspectives.

            The focus group that was conducted with students was very interesting. These were the people that were closest to our target market. Everyone loved the wolf. It was also great to hear that everyone understood the concept. They had really good input about the music which helped our editor build up more tension.

            The focus group that was conducted with staff and faculty was also very helpful. Due to their feedback we were able to really build up the brand and let it be known that the commercial was for UNM. 

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