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Getting Started

February 28, 2014 - Production Team

Marshall and Sean record Lobo Day

This past month, the UCAM internship team wasted no time getting started. We conducted a focus group with current and potential UNM students, brainstormed new ideas for each video and pitched those ideas to UNM faculty and staff. It’s been a busy month but we’re looking forward to beginning the interviewing and filming process. As February comes to an end, we’re planning and preparing for the next month of filming.

Bianca Martinez - Multimedia Journalist:
February was very productive as we brainstormed and planned for each video segment. The focus group gave us direction and every team member has given great ideas for the videos. The pitch of the creative brief went extremely well. After receiving the positive and constructive feedback, I’m very excited to get started on the filming process. I’m look forward to interviewing new people and finding great stories on UNM campus.

Marshall Broyles - Videographer: The creative pitch involved much collaboration of ideas, but we pulled it off well! There was constructive feedback and we have now adapted and focused our ideas on the four video themes. I think we now have a better vision of what the outcome of this creation will be, so (hopefully) less trouble arises in this projects future. I feel confident in our ideas and am excited to use my area of experience as videographer and begin filming.

Eric Barreras - Editor: The month of February has been non-stop progress for us as a team! From day one we have hit the ground running and our effort has paid off. February 28th we began collecting our footage, taking advantage of Lobo Day to show the unity of the UNM community. This shoot was extremely successful and our early tests came out better than expected. I look forward to seeing what we can do moving forward!

Emily Garrity - Creative Director: February has been a month of continuous progress. We have had nothing but solid ideas from day one. From the collaboration of ideas for the creative pitch to the beginning stages of filming, it has been so smooth. Today, those ideas began to come to life with the first shoot of the We Are UNM video which came together so perfectly. After that, we had a very successful test run with the equipment and are ready to move forward with this project! The possibilities of how great this project can be are endless!

Sean Trauth - Sound Director: This team is possibly one of the best teams I’ve worked with. Sometimes we spend a lot of time laughing about silly things instead of working, but in the end, our efforts turn out better ideas that it might have otherwise. I worked on the UCAM team last year, and we definitely laughed and enjoyed the process, but not near as much as we do this year. So far we’ve pitched our ideas to superduper high profile persons on campus, and we started implementing our ideas with our first test run of filming. Or first shots are exciting for what we have planned ahead, and I cannot wait to keep moving forward.


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