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Worthwhile Work

April 30, 2014 - Production Team

 Sean Trauth - Sound Director: This month has been a rollercoaster. We’ve filmed nearly every other day for interviews and b-roll of all sorts. We’ve filmed downtown, with a quad copter on campus, and on North campus during high winds to name a few. We’ve also put in a few all nighters to make sure we finished our work. That being said, I’ve grown very close to the team and I would do it all over again even if it means less sleep and more Alka Seltzer. Right now though, I’m excited to finish music and audio, and I cannot wait to share our work with everyone who has been involved throughout the process. Go team.

Marshall Broyles - Videographer: We are getting down to the final stages of our videos. I have just a couple more shots to capture before the filming is complete. Everyone on the team is doing a great job supporting and keeping each other on track. I have noticed an improvement in the video I shot this month, especially during interviews. This project has not only provided me with work experience in the videography field, but something to be proud to show as part of a portfolio and will help me gain employment in my future. The rough cut showing is coming up in the next week, this will provide constructive criticism to the videos so we can make final adjustments in time for the big premiere on May 13th.

Emily Garrity - Creative Director: This past month has been the busiest of them yet! From filming almost every other day for three weeks straight to pulling all nighters writing scripts, it has been such a great adventure. I continue to learn so much from each one of my teammates. But I must say that they are no longer my teammates but good friends. These are amazing people and I am so grateful to share this experience with them. We have been able to create these amazing videos and each one of us has put so much time and energy into. Throughout this semester, I have noticed that my organizational skills have improved immensely. I have been able to help out with some of the interviewing and have noticed that my skills in conducting an interview, along with preparing the interviewee with a pre-interview and scripting the interview have improved greatly as well. Even though there has been patience tested and obstacles like nothing we have seen this semester, we have been able to get through them with great ease. I am so excited to see the final product but at the same time, it is so bittersweet to see that this semester and project is almost over.

Bianca Martinez - Multimedia Journalist: This past month has been extremely busy. We’ve conducted our final interviews, captured the b-roll and worked as a team scripting interviews and picking out video to make the editing process easier. I still can’t believe how fast this month has gone by. Actually, this whole semester and internship has gone by too fast. Throughout this process, I’ve notice that my interviewing has improved a great amount. In the beginning, I noticed that I would just ask the questions I had prepared. Now, it’s a conversation and I feel more relaxed while interviewing. I’m so happy that I’ve received this opportunity to work with this team. The team dynamic is the best I’ve ever worked with and everyone supports each other. I’m really looking forward to the final days that lead up to the premiere of each video. We’ve all been working so hard to showcase what a great university this is and I can’t wait for everyone to see the final product!

Eric Barreras - Editor: Where could I possibly begin? This month has been incredibly busy, our schedule of seemingly endless shoots to capture necessary B-roll and interview footage made this month go by incredibly fast. Rather, the whole experience has gone by way faster than I would have liked. Being part of this extremely multi-talented team of individuals have not only inspired me to strive to do the best quality work that I could, but we all have become good friends during this process, and now that the end is in sight it almost feels unreal. The editing process has been chaotic! Working on four videos that are always dynamically changing with creative input and new footage is not easy and there has been more than one sleepless night as a result. However, despite the trials and hardships that accompanied this project, I feel it was all extremely worth it and I cannot wait until our work is finally released for all to see.


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