"Lobo Experience" won a Silver Communicator Award from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts

"Lobo Experience" got a great news shout out from KOAT

"Find Your Pack" won a Silver Communicator Award from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, and a merit award in the 10th annual Service Industry Advertising Awards and in the Higher Ed Marketing Report Awards

"Big Moments" won a Gold CASE Award for Student Produced Video in CASE Region IV

Check out the Daily Lobo article about the internship

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The University of New Mexico is proud to present the 2010 institutional spot - wholly written, directed and produced by UNM students. At the University of New Mexico, students don't just read about performing, they take the stage themselves. And with more than 200 top-quality academic programs, we have many stages. This is a place that has in its culture a vibrant cross-disciplinary interaction that encourages exploration, discovery and excellence. Our professors not only teach students, but also allow them a turn at the reigns. Theory and application interwoven with passion and resolve is their recipe. Be assured, when the curtains open, UNM students will be at center stage.

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