"Lobo Experience" won a Silver Communicator Award from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts

"Lobo Experience" got a great news shout out from KOAT

"Find Your Pack" won a Silver Communicator Award from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, and a merit award in the 10th annual Service Industry Advertising Awards and in the Higher Ed Marketing Report Awards

"Big Moments" won a Gold CASE Award for Student Produced Video in CASE Region IV

Check out the Daily Lobo article about the internship

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University Communication and Marketing

MSC04 2545
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Phone: (505) 277-5813

Melissa Wike

Videographer & Editor

I've been a Lobo all my life since I was raised here in Albuquerque. I spent my first semester of college down at New Mexico State University and honestly didn't feel like it was the right fit for me. So, I decided it would be interesting to try out the internship Disney World offers. After 7 months of that, I found myself in the Burque and at UNM! I eventually found my niche/major, which is broadcast journalism. I ended up landing a job as a production assistant at KNME channel 5, almost 3 years ago! That's how I found out about this great opportunity to make this spot for our University. My boss Randy (thanks by the way), confronted me about it and I was totally pumped! I couldn't be more thankful that I was chosen to be the Videographer/Editor of the Institutional Spot. It was an awesome experience and I LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys!!! (Benny, Kaila, and Jesse...and of course Chris and Cinnamon). I am now interning at Rick Johnson & Co...ALWAYS GOTTA KEEP BUSY! This is my last semester at UNM and figure I better take advantage of as many internships as I can. I'm in media planning and am trying to learn about media in every aspect possible. And for the future? Well, I don't exactly have it all planned out. I'm trying to be open to new ideas and/or opportunities and I truly believe that I'll find the perfect job for me (whatever that may be) someday! GO LOBOS!