"Lobo Experience" won a Silver Communicator Award from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts

"Lobo Experience" got a great news shout out from KOAT

"Find Your Pack" won a Silver Communicator Award from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, and a merit award in the 10th annual Service Industry Advertising Awards and in the Higher Ed Marketing Report Awards

"Big Moments" won a Gold CASE Award for Student Produced Video in CASE Region IV

Check out the Daily Lobo article about the internship

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Find Your Pack - 2012 Institutional Spot

UNM's 2012 Institutional Spot

View this year's institutional spot on YouTube

University Communication and Marketing is proud to present the 2012 Institutional Spot "Find Your Pack" - wholly written, directed and produced by UNM students. Through collaboration with the C&J Department, the IFDM program, and the Anderson School of Management, four student interns applied their academic experience and individual talents to produce UNM's latest spot. Take a moment to watch the 30 and 60 second commercials, which made their debut on April 29, 2012.

"Find Your Pack" defines the college experience as a community where individuals connect with others who share similar interests. The strategy of this institutional spot is to convey UNM as an institution where great work is accomplished in an open and encouraging learning environment. The student interns chose to film some of the unique academic programs and rich campus settings only found at the University of New Mexico.

As you can see from the list below, a project of this scope requires support from many student volunteers. From music composition to the entire student cast, the 2012 interns received outstanding support from the UNM Community. We'd like to recognize each individual who enabled this project to succeed: